Are You Strong Enough for the Goddess?


This week I have had several people come to me asking questions about religion.   They heard that I was the ‘expert’ on the subject and wanted to talk to me.  I asked, “What do you want to know?”  To which they replied, “Everything!”   What they don’t understand and what a lot of readers that come across this site don’t under stand is, ‘You must make sure you are ready!’ Continue reading “Are You Strong Enough for the Goddess?”


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Tricksters  usually have a great degree of intellect and knowledge.  They use their wisdom to play tricks on people and other gods.  They usually disobey rules and most conventional thinking or behavior.  In stories the Tricksters can be a woman, man, god, spirit, goddess or any other type of entity.  What were the ancients trying to tell us with Tricksters?  What do they symbolize?   Continue reading “Tricksters”




Most see discipline as  punishment.  Just like grounding, we have the wrong perspective and if you have the wrong perspective your magic will not work.  Grounding in magic is getting out and touching the earth.  Discipline in magic has nothing to do with punishment.  My coach on my High School basketball team used to tell a couple of guys that they have no discipline and unless they get it, they will never succeed.  Magic is the same way.  You must have discipline.   Continue reading “Discipline”


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Many people do not know that there are a few versions of Mithras.  There was Roman, Zoroastrian, Greek, Iranian, Hindu, Persian and Sabean versions of Mithras.  They were all blended together and composed to local ways to become the one that Rome eventually adopted.  Of course Rome added and deleted things to make Mithras their version.  The Mithras cult is very old indeed.  In most to the Mithras reliefs he is slaying a bull.  Most researchers have no idea why he is slaying a bull.  It all has to do with the sun in the age of Taurus.  Slaying the bull meant the sun was about to exit Taurus, so Mithras had slayed the bull.   Continue reading “Mithras”

Sunset for the Elites?


I’m not a political person, but I can see what it going on in the world.  This post will be a genuine post about the happening of the world today.  It will not come from any political side.  I will just pointing out what I see.  The whole world is funded by a piece of paper, fiat money that is backed by nothing.  As I have said many times it is the key to changing this world. Realizing that the fiat money and banking system is nothing but a ponzi scheme.  It does not matter what type of government you have socialism, communism, capitalism, marxism, democracy, republic, aristocracy, etc…it does not matter what guise they put themselves in, the elites will always be oppressive and unjust.  The game will always be spun in their direction.  That is why it is so important for people to search for the truth themselves.  Once you try to find the answers outside of yourself, you surrender your critical senses.   Continue reading “Sunset for the Elites?”



When I tell people there was another ancient civilization named Lemuria people usually respond that they never heard of it.  They are even more surprised when I tell them that it sunk below the ocean just like Atlantis.  Lemuria was also known as Mu.  The names mean land of our ancestors, but it is also known in several texts as land of the dragons or serpents, mother land of humanity and cradle of civilization.  Lemuria was another content that was in the Pacific Ocean.  Continue reading “Lemuria”



Atlantis is a myth that most know about.  When people find out that I am an ancient historian one of the first questions they ask me is, “Do you know anything about Atlantis?”  It does not matter of the race, culture or background of that person, they want to know about Atlantis.  What is it about Atlantis that is imbedded in our memory?  I have to be careful about what I tell people because, just like religion, most of what they know is complete wrong.  When one is not ready to hear the truth, they lash out at the messenger. Continue reading “Atlantis”