Oracle of Delphi

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When ancient Greeks had to make decisions they consulted the gods. The gods spoke through a priestess in Delphi. She was considered the oracle, hence the name, Oracle of Delphi. Why did a patriarchy like Greece let a female communicate what the gods had to say? Some people say that I give Greece a hard way to go, that it wasn’t as male-dominated as I believe. Stick around for this story and you might see why I say Greece was an extreme patriarchy. Continue reading “Oracle of Delphi”



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As I did research on the Vampire, I found out that the tradition basically came from Balkan and Germanic areas. There is a direct connection between Witches and Vampires in Romania. The term ‘strigoi’ means Witch, but it became a popular term for vampires in certain regions. It was about this time that the church made the screech-owl into the Greek Demon Lamia. One of the best known symbols for Lilith was the screech owl. When they made it into the bloodsucking demon,Lamia, it stuck for superstitious religious people.(See Banshee) Where does all this blood sucking and drinking coming from? Stick around and you shall see. Continue reading “Vampire”

Wizard of Oz


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The Wizard of Oz was a children’s book in 1900, but became popular in 1939 when the movie came out. People have tried to translate this story, but to me none of it makes sense. How does someone say this story is satanic? That just shows me how tight of a vice religion has on the minds of this world. This story has symbolism written all over it. I will start from the tornado because that is when the real journey begins. The tornado represents chaos and as I have shown you earlier, chaos is what starts you on the road to enlightenment. This story has all the ingredients to be a classic. All the characters are you or aspects of you. Lets get started on your journey to enlightenment. Continue reading “Wizard of Oz”


The myth of Osiris has a few meanings. As I have shown before, the Gods of Egypt are all aspects of you aspects of humans and aspect of the cosmos. Osiris is you. The main aspect of yourself and the ruler of your world. If you are familiar with magic you know what I mean. This myth is a tale of your journey into the underworld, but it also shows true history. It has a little hidden astrology and occult symbolism in it as well. Researchers keep thinking that Osiris was King of the Dead, in actuality he was King of the Underworld.

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The legendary Basilisk is one of my favorite myth characters. This creature is said to be able to kill you just by looking at you. The Basilisk was known as the King of the Serpents. A serpent that kills by just looking at you? This is starting to remind me of Medusa. I have shown the true meaning of Medusa and the Basilisk is not to far off. Continue reading “Basilisk”


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I was asked by a few people to do a piece on the first Witch trail and who it was. That was easy. The first trial or official trial was in England in 1566. Before this they didn’t even have a trial, they just burned or hanged the girl. The women’s names were Agnes Waterhouse, Joan Waterhouse and Elizabeth Francis. Continue reading “Hypatia”