How does the divine masculine feel?

What does the divine masculine want?

The Search for Purpose

One of the greatest characteristics of the Divine Masculine is his search for meaning and his purpose in life. … A Divine Masculine who has found his purpose is unstoppable in pursuing it, thus evolving higher and higher in his life and his being.

How do you know if Divine is masculine?

The divine masculine is very action-based, focused on doing rather than being.

Keywords to keep in mind related to the divine masculine:

  1. Risk-taking.
  2. Assertiveness.
  3. Action-oriented.
  4. Discipline.
  5. Boundaries.
  6. Confidence.
  7. Objectivity.
  8. Logic and analysis.

What does the masculine twin flame feel?

The divine masculine flame is often the one to be the most stubborn. They tend to see things in a certain way, do things in just such a manner, and because of this, they can be resistant to change. It’s part of the reason why they may find themselves a step behind their divine feminine flame in their spiritual growth.

What is masculine energy in a woman?

Masculine Energy- FIRE

Masculine energy It’s all about taking action; loves to build; and, loves to fix things. Masculine sees a problem and immediately wants to fix it. It’s protective. Most women are looking for a partner to protect them, they want to feel safe, and they are looking for the energy of protection.

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How do you balance masculine energy?

For masculine energy:

  1. Design moments back into your day that fulfill you. Schedule an hour to read. Put a hard stop time for work. …
  2. Pick a result or goal to work towards. Schedule time during your week to chip away at it. …
  3. Get together with friends and loved ones. Feel that sense of camaraderie and have fun!