Best answer: Who has an armadillo as a mascot?

What college has a wolf mascot?

NC State and Keuka are currently the only NCAA athletic programs to use the one-word Wolfpack as their teams’ nickname. The University of Nevada uses Wolf Pack, as does NAIA Loyola University of New Orleans.

What college currently has no official mascot?

BIG FACE ON CAMPUS: As it turns out, Stanford’s Tree is not the official mascot but a member of the band, which somehow makes less sense. Stanford has no official mascot.

What is the most common mascot?


It’s no wonder the bulldog stands as of the most common high school mascots around today.

What is the oldest college mascot?

Handsome Dan: Yale University. Perhaps the reason we have mascots at all. Handsome Dan is thought to be the first live college mascot in America. Handsome Dan I (pictured) was purchased in 1889 by Yale Lineman Andrew Graves.

What school has a tiger mascot?

The Tiger is the mascot of the Clemson Tigers, the athletic teams of Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina.

The Tiger (mascot)

The Tiger
University Clemson University
Conference ACC
Description Anthropomorphic tiger
First seen 1954

How old is San Antonio College?

Founded in 1925, San Antonio College has a long and rich history of serving the community. Read the below factoids to learn more about SAC’s amazing history and watch the SAC Timeline Video created to celebrate the College’s 90th Anniversary.

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