Question: Where do you get the spider talisman?

Where does the spider boss spawn?

Spawning. The Brood Mother spawns at the very top of the Spider’s Den. It will spawn exactly 60 minutes after the time the previous Brood Mother is killed.

How often does the Broodmother spawn?

Spawning – This mini-boss will spawn once every hour. There is no specific timer for it due to the boss not being very popular (and not being very well known), however as long as you wait for an hour (at the most) you will see the boss spawn!

What do tarantula minions drop?

It drops String, Spider Eyes, and Iron Ingots. skyblockers. Tarantula Vermin is a SlayerMiniboss for the Spider Slayer. As all other Minions it is a resource generating companion that can be placed on your Private Island.

How much health does a Tier 3 Rev have?


Tier Level Health
II 70 20k
III 310 400k
IV 610 1.5M
V 10M

What does the Broodmother drop?

Loot. The Broodmother drops two rewards, a Broodmother Flag and Broodmother Trophy.

What is the spider weak to in Hunt?

One of the bosses in Hunt: Showdown is The Spider. A highly agile monster that can walk on anything, even ceilings. Luckily, that agility comes with a price. The Spider is weak to all kinds of damage but poison.

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